Multiple webhooks with same domain and endpoint

I received an email from Stripe notifying me of an error regarding webhooks:

[…] we’ve had some trouble sending requests to a webhook endpoint associated with your ***** account in live mode. Webhooks are used to notify your server about events that happen in your Stripe account, such as a payout completing or an invoice being created. The failing webhook endpoint is

Please note that in most cases a failing webhook does not impact your payments or payouts. However, if you use subscriptions we rely on your webhook endpoint to notify you of new invoices. These invoices may be delayed for up to three days if your webhook is unable to successfully receive them. If you use Checkout, you may be handling the checkout.session.completed event as part of your purchase fulfillment process as described here: If you do, failure to handle these events may interfere with purchase fulfillment. […]

In the Stripe dashboard, webhook section, I noticed 5 equal webhooks with the same domain and endpoint.

Is it normal that these copies were generated?

Do you think it’s safe to eliminate webhooks with errors? Before proceeding, it would be interesting to understand the nature of this behavior