Stripe endpoint problem

I keep getting this error from Stripe and am unsure how to resolve it. Could anyone help?


We’ve had some trouble sending requests in live mode to a webhook endpoint associated with your NAME OF MY OUTFIT account. Stripe sends webhook events to your server to notify you of activity in your Stripe account, such as a completed payout or a newly-created invoice.
The URL of the failing webhook endpoint is:	

You (or someone on your team) configured your Stripe account to send events to that URL. You can change your account’s webhook endpoints from the Dashboard.

It’s likely to be helpful to give your version of Ghost. Is this a new install and Stripe has never worked, or is this an existing install and Stripe is now broken? (If existing install, did you recently upgrade/make changes?)

Oh, sorry.

This is v5.22.5 but has happened on earlier versions, just kept forgetting to talk about it. Stripe works fine, payments come through, but the error is still there. It has persisted through updates.

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