My "landing page" disappeared in Source theme

So I got rid of the author to my articles and the subscribe thing in the menu on my Source page.

But now also gone is the “landing page” I want that picture and sign up thing on top of my page but it vanished. I have three codes in my header, Google analytics, the remove subscribe button in the menu plus the remove author on posts.

If I fiddle in the settings, the search page comes up with image and all, but not the landing page bit. The page just shows the posts. Can either one of the codes be part of this issue or something else?

Source landing pages only show up to users who aren’t signed up! (That totally confused me, too!)

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LOL jokes on me then HAHAHAHA

Oh, there’s a whole thread from when Source was first released. Sooo much confusion!

If I were going to improve Source, I’d keep the header bit at the top of the landing page layout, just remove the sign-up.

And I’d fix the behavior of the sign-up fields so that they did a big obvious popup telling the user to check their email… which is the subject of this weekend’s not-yet-written blog post, so stay tuned. :slight_smile:

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How do I find this blog ;)

Hiding in my super secret profile: