Who to attach articles into Menus

Hello everyone, this is Dineskumar from Malaysia here. I am new to the Ghost web platform and I need a help with my menus

I have created some primary menus for my website https://the-mutiara-sentinel.ghost.io/ which are Malaysian News, US 2024 Election News, and three others.

But here is the issue - I could not place my articles underneath these menus and it is really frustrating.

Can I get the help of the forum members to advise me how can I do so at the admin site?

Your help in responding to my message here is duly appreciated. Thank you in advance

So I see that you added the navigation items, but you didn’t link them to anything.

There’s not really a mechanism to ‘place articles under a menu’, but if you want to link to a collection of posts, then you could create a tag that you apply to all those posts, i.e. us-election-news, and then you’d set the url of the navigation link to /tag/us-election-news . A second tag would be malaysian-news, at /tag/malaysian-news, and so on. Note that you need to use the slug of the tag, not the name, to make a valid link.

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