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I noticed the Mailgun app is capable of tracking opens and clicks. How could I integrate this and be able to track opens and clicks of my newsletter with the new newsletter feature in Ghost?


Would be nice if staff could answer this. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure this out. The Logs in Mailgun can show me all the details of who is clicking on what, but the actual analytics (with graphs and actual useful insights) is not working. Mailguns answer is that I need to tag the newsletters, but I am not sure how to do this, as everything is set up via the Ghost integration/Webhook.

So my questions are:

  • Is it possible to get newsletter analytics in a Mailchimp like style?
  • Can it be done via Mailguns integrated analytics — not just the overall numbers of emails sent, but based on each individual newsletters with open and click rates?
  • Or would I need to integrate Mailgun with yet another service to get this type of detailed analytics on each newsletter?
  • In that case which services can you recommend.

Final question. Is there a service out there that can combine analytics of members visiting my Ghost site and analytics of members opening and clicking on links in my newsletters, so that everything is kept in one place and giving a combined overview of how the users read and interact with the content?

Thanks in advance,

I am also interested in these questions. I have the same problems with eSputnik integration and Ghost. This system also includes a very detailed click map, but I faced some issues trying to integrate it with Ghost and decided to try my luck with Mailgun. In addition, they’re talking everywhere about easy integration:

But the question remains open.

It’s easy, just follow mailguns instructions:

Just enable Open & Click tracking on a per domain basis under the Tracking Settings section of a particular domain’s settings page.
Then, if you use https with your ghost website, follow these instructions:

The https enablement by the mailgun support (via ticket) is a little bit slow, but it works for me:

The members and newsletters features are still very much in beta and lots of more advanced things like this are not in place yet, there are higher priority features around general use-cases that we are looking at first. That said, there are plans to have full integration with Mailgun and show stats within the Ghost admin interface in the future.

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Thanks Kevin. All I am looking for right now is to be able to add Mailgun tags to the newsletter sent from Ghost, so that I can use Mailguns own Analytics (with detailed info on open and clicks on each newsletter)

Is it possible to integrate these tags in Ghost now? And if so, where do I do this?


Hey folks,
Anyone received an answer to this question? I have ghostboard up and running for website data but still looking for the best solution to add basic email newsletter metrics like opens, clicks, etc,. I previously used Substack and they offered the basics. Any help would be much appreciated!

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Nope. @Kevin Any update on this? Either Mailgun stats within the Ghost interface or the possibility to use Mailguns own analytics? Right now I am paying for to solve this problem, but it is not ideal (too expensive and functionality is OK but not superb).

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Thanks for the repky! How did you connect your ghost account to mailintel? Looks like you also need a mailgun/Amazon SES email service provider?

I’m trying to minimize the number of integrations/cost. I might have to port over my newsletter to mailchimp so I can leverage the tracking but that’s not ideal.

Basics (opens, clicks) would be great. I actually don’t like too much data, the basics work for me. (I mostly want to see how many opens/unopens and what stuff is being clicked, that’s pretty much it)

Analytics are coming in a few months!

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Checkout Tracks and stores Mailgun events and messages, send emails using your Mailgun domain, track multiple domains and setup custom event notifications. We are planning on adding email sequencing soon.

There are some screen shots in the post below.