Newsletter Thank You Page

Hi crew :wave:

I’m brand new to Ghost and pumped to use it.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to create a redirect after someone opts in to a newsletter and send them to a custom thank you page.

A few reasons I’d want this for context:

  1. would rather have single optin as confirmation emails go to the promotions tab sometimes
  2. i use another email service provider (have for years)
  3. if running ads, i’m able to properly track conversion rates for ads

Or simply is there a way to turn off double optin?

Thanks so much. :pray:t4:

You can set up a custom welcome page for new members: Using welcome pages for member onboarding Double opt-in, though, is necessary to fight spams and scams

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that’s helpful Ryan, thank you for the “welcome page” recommendation.

To overcommunicate the confirmation required, is there a way to redirect someone to a “Thank you” you page with further details about:

  1. checking email
  2. checking spam
  3. only way to get your “bonus or access”

Not sure if this is possible or it’s something I can get a dev to work on but would allow me to increase conversions of the double-optin.

Plus it would allow me to pixel people for advertising.

Gotcha. Do you mean after someone initially enters their email? It’s possible using a custom form as seen here: Ghost Theme Development: Building custom membership flows

It’d require some configuration/coding, as it’s a custom solution, but it would achieve what you’re looking for!

Someone enters their email, clicks submit and instead of the “success” message and staying on that page, you’re redirected to a custom thank you page.

Hope that’s clear.

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Yeah I have to say it would be great if it was possible. This page would allow to insist for people to check their spam. I have countless people who tell me they registered but as the confirmation email landed in their spam they don’t think about checking and they never end up being subscribed. It’s a huge loss.

Wow, I didn’t know you could create custom welcome pages in Ghost.

Thanks for sharing this, @RyanF!

Where you able to figure it out :)
Im also looking for this feature to improve my Double-Opt-in-Rate by giving instructions after the initial signup.
Thanks in advance

Unfortunately no response, nothing. So I’d assume there is no way to do that if there’s no response.

It would REALLY increase conversions. :(