Subscribe function for Attila theme

Hi there,

I am trying to set up the Atillia theme ( and use the subscribe feature but can’t get it to trigger.

The html in the default.hbs file the latest version (2.01) looks like this:

{{#if @labs.subscribers}}
<li class="nav-subscribe"><a title="Subscribe" href="{{@site.url}}/subscribe/" target="_blank"><i class="icon icon-mail"></i><span>{{t "Subscribe"}}</span></a></li>

I tried changing the @labs.subscribers above to @labs.members . The subscribe icon then shows up in the menu area (which is good), but when you click on that icon, you get a 404 message for the subscribe page.

Any advice on what to do?

The end goal is to create a similar subscribe experience as you get with the Casper.

Many thanks


Hi :wave:. Have you created a page or custom route at /subscribe/? That’s what the template code is expecting from the looks of it. You’ll either need to make the page in Ghost admin or a route in the routes.yaml

Hope this helps!

Thank you. That works!

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