Pay per Content with crypto


I had an idea for a free per content payment solution, but i’m not too familiar with the ghost framework.

I’m thinking of implementing IOTA as a PpC method into ghost. A similar module already exists in wordpress (but sadly outdated) and it makes perfect sense as IOTA is feeless, so you can charge even a few cents per read without the need for a payment service provider.

Sadly though ghost only offers an API and not plugins. Could anyone propose what would be the best practice for implementing a such thing?

My thoughts:

  1. run a subdomain service which can access the api and provides the payed content after payment
  2. fork ghost and integate the payment option into the framework (token based access after payment check)

I’m quite familiar with IOTA, but i could need some help with the ghost stuff. So feel free to contact me :slight_smile:

I already integrated for donations but that ain’t exactely what i need.

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You should change this in the “Ideas” category :slight_smile:

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I started with a little prototype. Currently i use the admin API to fetch the html of a paid post, but sadly this is quite an ugly solution, as the blogs style is lost.
I had the idea of using a proxy to proxy the entire page to the user and giving the proxy a paid membership/admin rights.


The idea has enolved to a service :slight_smile:

Check it out:

Thanks for share!

But why IOTA!!! Bitcoin is the only processor that we really need :slight_smile:

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Bitcoin (and all other cc with fees) is not really feasible for micropayments (also LN not).
IOTA is one of the currencies that offer 0 fees. This allows you to charge any price for your content. 1 cent, 10 cent or even a fraction of a cent and you always receive the full amount. Further it’s fast. Nobody wants to wait 10 min in the best case in order to unlock a post :)

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Why not? That’s the magic (or Monero).

Not sure if you are trolling me or bitcoin :smiley:

The problem with blockchains is, that as soon as they get used, fees go up. Monero is a great privacy coin, but even with relatively little use the fees have already reached 7 cents per transaction. This is simply not sustainable for a micorpayment usecase (especially when fees keep rising with usage).

The goal is to allow people to spent a cent on an article with ease (1 or 2 click) in an economically reasonable fashion (fees not exceeding the actual price). (XNO) has no fees and is ideal for this use case.

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There are too much crypto currencies going to zero, the focus needs to be aligned with the most reliable ones.

XMR has almost no fees like Lightning Network in Bitcoin. And both are secure with development team actively working on the projects.

You can look BTCPay, maybe it could help with some kind of bridge into Ghost but it doesn’t seems to be something important for the core team.

They are just working for US market now.

Hi there

Would like to integrate merchant with crypto payments.

Is is real to do in ghost?

You can add some buttons or ask in #marketplace if someone want to work on the integration.

‘Crypto payments’ is not enough, you will need to be more specific and probably give a look into BTCPay.