Portal and email component translations

I abonded Ghost Membership because Portal and emails are in English-only.
Translation of all emails and Portal is a must.


any news on the possibility of translating Portal texts and adding new information?


Sorry to bother, but that’s something really necessary to people that don’t speak English.

At least, are we even considering this ?

Roadmap plans ?

Keep up the great work!!

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Ghost is for English speaking markets only

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Unfortunately, that’s also what I think …

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Any chance for Portal and email translations in Ghost 5.0?

This petition is almost 2 years old.

Ghost Team: do you really think all your users are english speakers?

Spanish is second most spoke language on world, chinese is the third one.

Are you saying that, in almost 2 years, and 10 years since Ghost was launched, is not possible to translate basic content?

For this reason, many people as me will back to WordPress, and it is a pitty after 2 years paying.


It would be desirable to have a fully translatable platform through a locales file like is in help files, but one that really works.

To ensure that your theme is fully translatable, two core templates must exist in your theme. Check the following templates exist:
pagination.hbs - exists in content/themes/mytheme/partials, copy the template
navigation.hbs - exists in content/themes/mytheme/partials, copy the template

This part of translation guide doest not work and also get 404 errors.
I always have to hardcode translations for every update to my theme. That’s not acceptable.

And that without considering the impossibility of translating the email templates, the subscription form, and the entire backend. That sucks!

And that without considering the impossibility of translating the email templates, the subscription form, and the entire backend. That sucks!

  • comment portal translation !

I switched from Substack to Ghost recently because it suits my need to evolve with innovative and creative tools. But not being able to translate the email templates and the few sections (comments, portal etc) is a blocking element, for those who communicate in another language than English to turn supporters into members and return a global coherence on our project. This feature is an absolute necessity.


I second this: being able to translate the portal, transactional emails and the comments section is the most needed feature for our project.

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Pro version is the same? I really don’t get that kind of things in teams and projects like Ghost.

I mean, they are from all the world, not only from US.

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I can help with Czech and Dutch if needed :slight_smile: !

I’m thinking of starting my next blog using Ghost, but my audience isn’t English speaking. This is definitely required for Ghost to be widely adopted. I was surprised that the entire CMS was not translatable. Apps should be designed with i18n in mind.


Upvoting this, but also: is anyone using a workaround/hack to solve any of the translation issues for system emails today (before it’s solved))? Would be fantastic to just have a list of the files that need translation and the paths to these. I’m aware they’d be replaced on updates.

Stills without a solution or workaround.

That´s really bad.


Any advance or tip? Still having too many troubls to get content on spanish

I think also translating the default comment space would be a good thing.

The Ghost team is apparently working on it! Hacktoberfest Project: i18n for Portal, Member emails, comments-ui & SodoSearch

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Thank you for the news, I hadn’t seen that :sweat_smile: