Portal and email component translations

Apart from the theme translation functionality, a stopping missing feature is the translation of portal and email component. All those messages are hardcoded in js files not translatable by themes.

Any non English spoken ghost webmaster is not able to offer a proper ghost project in his language easily.

I would be glad to help.


Please see also More customization for portal
Maybe these can be rolled up into the same feature request?
(Basically, portal to be more customizable)

Yes, I suppose so… but may be this one is smaller and faster to have ready as it does not need any front.

Seconding this! I have a couple of Ghost websites in French, where I use Portal (because it’s gorgeous, simple to use and built-in). Portal (and the emails) are the only things that are not in French. Would be great for my customers to have everything in French.

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I second this.

I also want to translate to french :slight_smile:

I also want to translate to Ukrainian and Russian

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i can translate do brazilian portuguese =)

I would like to help translate into Spanish and Catalan.

I also vote for this feature

Is there a way to hard code the translation on the server? Similar to how you can do with emails Ghost Email customization - #3 by Izak_Jackson

I made this pull request with almost all translations resolved.


It lacks translation of a pair of files (but translations are there commented) where I was not able to instantiate the i18n object (I am not good enough at js) hopping the repository owners would take advantage of it. But sadly, it seems they are not very interesting on portal translation right now.
Hope the pull request could help you.

I abonded Ghost Membership because Portal and emails are in English-only.
Translation of all emails and Portal is a must.


any news on the possibility of translating Portal texts and adding new information?


Sorry to bother, but that’s something really necessary to people that don’t speak English.

At least, are we even considering this ?

Roadmap plans ?

Keep up the great work!!

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Ghost is for English speaking markets only

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Unfortunately, that’s also what I think …

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Any chance for Portal and email translations in Ghost 5.0?