Possible bug with screen refreshes in admin screens

Issue Summary

  • When viewing an existing Offer, the ‘Tier - cadence’ field shows an incorrect value.
  • The value displayed is the most recently added tier, instead of the tier chosen for the offer.
  • After manually refreshing the page, the correct tier is displayed.
  • This is consistently reproducible by clicking on an Offer and seeing that the displayed tier is incorrect, unless it happens to be the most recently added tier.

Possible Related/More General Bug

  • A similar bug seems to exist in some other screens.
  • For example, if I know a new member has signed up, and I’m on a screen other than ‘Members’ and I click ‘Members’ it does not show all members. If I manually refresh the page, the new member is displayed.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Summarized above

Setup information

  • Ghost(Pro)
  • Firefox 99 on Linux Mint 20.3

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