Post Cover Image on Gatsby JAMstack with local ghost install


Recently got my JAMstack working (local ghost install, netlify trigger rebuild on github, redirect to custom domain - YAY!).

My current problem is how to handle the Post Cover images. It will only allow me to (a) upload an image or (b) pick one form the Uplash plugin gallery. Problem with (a) is, because I am uploading locally, it doesn’t pass through to production (re: JAMstack setup). Problem with (b) is I can’t have an image I want - like a random meme, something off imgur etc.

linking to images within the post is fine - it’s just the cover photo that I can’t seem to get past.

Thanks in advance!


@KeyserSoze unless you code your static generator to pull out linked images and upload them to your static host Ghost still needs to be running publicly (likely in “private” mode) so that it can serve uploaded files.

Alternatively you could look at using a different storage adapter so that any images you upload to your local Ghost install are pushed to a public service / CDN.

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