Source theme: paid posts and free posts thumbnails look the same


I just noticed that in Source theme, the thumbnails for paid posts (locked) vs free posts (public) look the same. I think it would be very nice and clear to have the paid post blurred and lower-opacity just like in Casper theme.

Casper theme posts view (blurred, lowered opacity with a text marked “paid-members only”) :white_check_mark::

Meanwhile, in Source theme posts view (they look the same regardless…) :x::

I don’t think this can be fixed with code injection, since upon checking the HTML I don’t see any of the needed classes to activate those features. (the classes for this style in Casper theme are post-access-paid and post-card-access)

Does anyone know how can I implement this style in Source theme?
Will there be a plan to update the Source theme to add these features?

Many thanks in advance!

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