Problem with creating staff on new blog

I have created a new blog for my wife, to be used to describe a current business trip.

It’s running the latest version of Ghost on a RaspberryPi 4 with 4Gb memory, Bullseye version of Raspian (headless), mariadb, nginx, and NODE_MAJOR=18 node.js. The url is

For transactional e-mails I have configured and tested GMAIL which is working.

I have created the OWNER in her name, using her e-mail but I want to create my account as a staff administrator. I receive the “welcome … please join” e-mail but when I click on the “clikc her to activate your account” button the browser (Chrome) takes me to her owner account. There is a blue banner which says something like “you must sign out to create your account” which I do but my account is not created.

I should also say that my Ghost Raspberry Pi is running behind another Raspberry Pi which has another instance of NGINX running as a proxy server. The code in the reverse proxy server is copied from the Ghost documentation.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated

John Anderson

Sign out. Then click the emailed link.

Brilliant! Many thanks and apologies. It should have been obvious - doh!

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