Reditory - news and magazine style theme

Hello everyone,
I have released a new theme Reditory few days ago.


In Reditory, the home page is divided in sections to show Featured posts, latest post and posts grouped by specific tag. You can choose which tags you want feature on home page.

Responsive image and image lazy loading has been implemented in the theme to make the site load faster.

Some Features

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If you have any question, always feel free to ask me. I will try my best to answer.
Hope you like this theme.

Thank you
Biswajit Saha



Thanks for theme. I bought it!

I send you the french (fr_FR) translation!


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Thank you for purchase and the translation. :smiley:

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Is there file manager for images?

As far as I know Ghost has no file manager for images. Will you please elaborate if you looking for a specific feature?

İs there any possibity of adding file manager fature to Ghost in near future. I think the biggest problem of Ghost is that thare is no file manager. Thousands people cant change cms from wordpress to Ghost because of this. Your theme is perfect bu I cant use it without file manager. I have looked your works and all of them is very good.

Ghost comes with something better than a baked in file management system… it comes with a plurality of integrations:

You can choose which is best for you or roll your own solution due to the power of it being open source. So I must disagree with your statement regarding thousands of people can’t switch from Wordpress to Ghost due to this. A file manager is not a theme level feature, it is a backend feature so please do not let this influence your decision when there are various integrations just like how Wordpress have plugins for solving for this solution.

I can’t really give answer, if any file manager system will be implemented in future. But I agree with @Titus . Also you can see Ghost’s development principles here:

BTW, Happy to know that you like my work. Hope you will find something for your need.


Yes, there are third party integrations but many of them are paid service. Google drive is used for personal use. I am waiting for self-hosted solvement. I know it is about backend side but this effects me. Ghost has basic and clean UI and backend side. I like Ghost. But file manager is essential for a CMS. I hope this feature will be added in near future. Thank you very much your ideas and info…

This is true, but they are more than adequate and priced very, very consumer friendly. Cloudinary comes with a free tier. And Google Drive can be used for anything really. Optionally, you can use Google Cloud Storage.

Even if you self-host, you will be paying, so nothing is free. Self hosting does not equate to free, but to freedom and all of the integrations give you that without the headaches involved in trying to manage a storage container on your own - including the benefit of security, rigorously battle tested, scalable, and so on.

I think you want something that’s already there for you for the taking by way of integrations. If something is not to your liking, you have the Ghost API where you can roll your own solution or integrate within an self hosted, open source solution that may fit you. This will require you to put in some work. I do not believe Ghost Team should be putting in this work specifically for you when it’s a non-issue.

That’s like search within Ghost. I DO NOT want Ghost Team even considering implementing this when there are literally a number of people. teams, and their solutions who have already solved this concern because it’s not an issue anymore and no need to bake something in, instead, giving people the choice regarding what’s the best mousetrap to fit their needs instead of a fixed one… power to open source business models!

Do you have examples of
Members only post and
Paid members only post ]



Made 2 posts for demonstration. See the following links.

Members only post
Paid members only post