Remove the permission to set posts to featured

Hello everyone,

Currently anyone including the least privileged roles are able to set a post as feature.

Is there a way to remove or alter this permission for contributor and author roles?

Thank you.

I would also be open to removing the related checkbox using css. however to my understanding, we cannot style the admin panel.

For what it’s worth, contributors can set a post to featured, but they cannot publish posts. So before publishing, you can just make sure featured is unchecked.

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Thank you for your prompt response, @vikaspotluri123.

We would like to give our writers the ability to publish but not the ability to set their posts to featured.

Please let me know if there is a way to only prevent contributors and authors from setting articles to featured?

I agree tbh, we should probably change this so that only Editors (and up) can set a post as featured - it would make a lot more sense.

@Kevin do you think there’s any quick/easy way we could change this in admin?


@John Thank you for your reply, I think setting a post to a page should also be reserved to only Editors and up.

Posts and pages are separated now - if you update to the latest version. There is no more mechanism for conversion

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That’s a pity I think. This was a useful feature - if I made a couple of posts as drafts, and I had the intention to turn them into pages later. Also, there might be situations where I would want to be able to easily switch pages into posts or vice versa. Like, if I change theme there might be some a reason.

While I agree the admin is better looking now, I wish that little checkbox for switching would return.

It’s definitely a quick change on the admin side, it may be slightly more involved to restrict it at the API level.

@Kevin Sounds like it would be a quick in win in Ghost Admin. Can always spec the extended API changes for later? Don’t think the consequences for misuse are realistically severe enough to have a more formal process

Will go out in the next release :slight_smile:


@Kevin Thanks a lot, that was quick :slight_smile:

While you are at it, I would really appreciate it if you could remove code injection privileges for contributors and authors on the next iteration?

We are a large publication and that would help us a lot with standardizing our posts.

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