Restoring the "Articles" Page created by Ghost

Hi All - apologies I’ve got a real noob question, but at some point the default “Articles” page created by Ghost got deleted, and I want to restore it. I’ve created one that shows up on my blog’s heading menu, but it doesn’t have the formatting/structure of the original Ghost one, is there an easy way to restore this page? Thanks all!!

Hey, welcome the community :wave:

There isn’t a default articles page in Ghost, but some themes do have example pages to show what certain types of content look like within that theme.

Which theme are you using? Could you share a little more information about what you’re trying to achieve as an end result?

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Thank you Kym, and thank you for the welcome! :wave:

I’m using the “Edition” newsletter theme which I’m pretty sure did have an example articles page, but when I try switching themes, I can’t seem to restore that example.

I’m just trying to achieve an “articles” or “archive” type of ordered list of articles, maybe with some filters for users, but I’m so new to this that the easiest way for me to achieve that would be to use an example and tweak it, I’m a little lost otherwise.

Thanks for the reply and help! :handshake:

@Robin_Sandhu the home page of the Edition theme already is an archive of all articles that you’ve published.

If you’d like to add filtered archives of articles, you can use automatic tag archives for that.

So lets say you want to add your newsletter issues to your site’s navigation, here’s what you’d do:

  • Tag all newsletter issues, e.g. newsletter
  • See the newsletter archive at this URL:
  • Use this URL to add a link to your site navigation
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