Source Theme: Documentation? How to change language in search field or the "Subscribe"-button?

Hello Ghost-community,

I’m a newbie to Ghost and have no experience in coding, unfortunately …

I’d like to use the Source theme but would love to adapt some commands to German, such as “Search posts, tags and authors” or the “Subscribe”-button. I know from another theme that there’s a folder called “locales” where you can add a file in your language. I haven’t found this in Source yet.

And is there a documentation of the Source theme? Couldn’t find this, neither …

Many thanxx!

Hello, on Github you can find some forks of the Source theme. I found this topic, which apparently is already translated into German. I don’t know if the terms are correct.

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But it is worth remembering that this article on translating themes is very complete. I used it to translate the themes into Brazilian Portuguese.

Hey Mateus,

muito obrigado for your help :-)! Now I have to find out what to do next… I saw there’s a folder “locales” which I couldn’t discover when looking into the structure and files and folders of the Source theme. …