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Hi Ghost Community!

I’m looking for advice on best practices / useful tools / robust systems that you all use to collaborate with a team on a Ghost blog. I work with a team of writers on our company’s blog, and we often peer review each other’s posts before they go live and offer comments, suggestions, or edits – historically, we’ve used Google Docs to do this. However, as far as I know, you can’t write Markdown in Google Docs without an app or extension.

Ideally, we’d bring the comment/suggestion activity inside of Ghost (feature request!) but since that doesn’t appear to be possible at the moment, it seems the only possible solutions would be to use a Google Drive add-on to write in Markdown or export to Markdown after writing, or use an entirely separate Markdown editor with collaborative features.

Would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations.


Have you considered StackEdit? It’s an online, web-based markdown editor that can save/sync the md files to Google Drive or other storage locations. I haven’t explored using it as a multi-user work flow, but I like using it personally.


You could use Corilla. Seems like a nice tool that you could use exactly for this. Some nice features that you are looking for are.

  • Markdown Editor
  • Collaborative Authoring
  • Version Control

You can give it a shot. I’ve played a little with it and it’s nice.

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