Tenor API Deprecated

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Tenor API V1 has been deprecated, therefore, even after getting an API token and adding it to the configuration, it won’t work.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Start writing a Post or a new Page
  2. On the editor enter the /tenor command to open the GIF Search card
  3. Tenor will display the error Uh oh! Trouble reaching the Tenor API, please check your connection

Setup information

Ghost Version

Node.js Version

How did you install Ghost?
Digital Ocean Droplet

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Digital Ocean Droplet using Ubuntu as OS

Database type

Browser & OS version
Chrome, Mac OS Monterey 12.4

Relevant log / error output
GET https://g1.tenor.com/v1/trending?media_filter=minimal&key=null&contentfilter=off 401 (Unauthorized)

I created a PR in the Github Page to fix this issue: Updated Tenor API to v2 by arsereg · Pull Request #2418 · TryGhost/Admin · GitHub


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