Too many login attempts

Please note: I am really new at this and therefore my technical knowledge isn’t great. It is modest at best.


  • Web:
  • Ghost v3.22.1
  • Installed on DigitalOcean using 1 click marketplace
  • Cloudflare also being used - bypassing*
  • using mysql database
  • I have access to the console on DigitalOcean

The Problem
when logging in on, I get error: “Too many login attempts”

Steps taken

  • I have done the obviously thing and not log in for some time. I wait 6 hours and than 12 hours and still the error doesn’t go away. Rest assured, the password I am using is correct. I have not reset the password.
  • I have the Ghost app installed on my Mac and that still works. I suppose it’s already logged in.
  • iA Writer is where I write and the app is able to publish on my website, so that also works

The issue is only using through the browser. I have tried on different computers and different browsers. I also tried on another app Ulysses which also uses the login method and that doesn’t work.

I kindly request your assistance.

I found a solution that worked for me.

I wrote about it here: