"Unsaved changes" bug occurred with 2.32.0

I of course don’t know if it occurred due to the same bug or because of something else, but I actually had that “unsaved changes” issue occur shortly after updating to 2.32.0. I made a screencast of it, while also making note of being on 2.32.0. I don’t know how I pulled it off or how to replicate it.

Edit: The following is a post, not a page, if it makes any difference.


Edit #2: It’s happened again. The only distinctive things I can say is that (1) I left this post for a few minutes to check out a different tab in my browser then came back to it. The post was already published, but when I tried to click the < Posts link I got the “unsaved changes” bug. Secondly, the post doesn’t have any content in it, just title and feature image, in case that’s of any consequence.

Edit #3: Happened a third time, once again with a post that had no content, just a title and feature image.

Edit #4: There’s a pattern. It just happened for the fourth time, once again on a post with title, feature image, but no content. Several other posts were created between edits two and three and edits three and four, and the issue never cropped up. Albeit there is the example in the gif up above.

@Stromfeldt the issue with the “blank content” posts has been fixed here https://github.com/TryGhost/Ghost-Admin/pull/1358 - it was unrelated to the problem that was fixed in 2.32.0 so thanks for reporting!

I’m interested in the first example you’ve shown, do you have any links or images in your content?