Updating newsletter email address sends confirmation, but Mailgun receives emails in its higher tiers

So I wanted to change my Newsletter email address from noreply@letter.apparent.today to name@letter.apparent.today but Ghost sends a confirmation email to those emails albeit i am using API integration with Mailgun.

I think Mailgun lacks the functionality of receiving email in its Flex Tier, right? What is the proposed way to confirm that email?

Kindly Bump?

Allright, I am going to share my dirty workaround if someone needs it.

Mailgun actually has a way to show OUTBOUND emails from the logs. In the log, find the email sent to the address that you cannot reach, click on the actions cog on the right, and click on Quick View. This will show you an image of your post. MANUALLY copy the link that has the token to the browser address bar, hit enter, and you have succesfully verified your own mail.

Another alternative was to setup a Domain Alias in GSuite for subdomain.domain.tld and get the email through there. But if both transactional emails and bulk emails are configured to use mailgun, then this is an impasse, since you won’t be able to send the emails anyway.