Using stripe without connect

I would like to connect with stripe adding the stripe keys manually and not using the Stripe Connect button.
How can I do this?
I am happy modifying the database for this if required.


Anyone knows how to do this?

hey, I think you could try an older version of Ghost?

I know it’s the most recent version of Ghost which has Stripe Connect. (I moved to Ghost a month ago, and to self-hosted with a developer around 2 weeks ago, and Support have told me my current version doesn’t support Stripe Connect. Hope that helps.

Thanks, but that is not a real option to use Ghost.
Everybody should use the latest updates for security and performance.
For Europe, with GDPR, there is a huge privacy issue using Connect and I am not comfortable to give such amount of details to a third party.

I will keep investigating, but I do not understand why Ghost follow this path limiting privacy to their users.