Which one is better SEO-wise? Inros or Krabi

I have this big question. Which theme is better for SEO? Inros or Krabi? I have checked both and my conclusion is Krabi has more data markups and features. So just tell me what do you think?

I tend to think that Ghost has enough standard SEO options that the theme itself is then not as important as the content itself.

let me disagree Lee. data markup is not good with some themes at all.

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Fair, not looked into as much as I probably should.

If you can provide some examples of what you consider data markup and how that relates to SEO for you then it will be easier for others to help.

The majority of the SEO features/markup come from Ghost itself with themes having little impact on that so without further information about what you’re considering when evaluating themes it’s difficult to tell you which theme is “better”.

I am talking about schema marks ups or we can call them structured data, data mark up, or rich snippets
Schema markups are commonly used to indicate many things which you can see what i have in mind in this article:

Currently, we are using Joben but we are thinking to change the theme.

Structured data is output by Ghost and is independent of which theme is being used.

data markup is not good with some themes at all

Can you share the examples you’ve seen? It’s still difficult to understand which factors you’re using to judge themes for SEO purposes.

for this blog:

there is only one valid rich snippet according to https://search.google.com/test/rich-results
and it is “article”. But I want “unordered list” rich snippet as well, or even other ones! i even tried adding it in codes for another page which was a top-ranking blog in SERP but it came to no avail.
Or i.e. this one, we tried to implement “ordered list” and how-to for it but no recognition by testing tools.

If you create the schema markup yourself and paste it into the post header code, you’ll be fine.

Write the code manually or use some schema markup generator.

I agree the basic built-in schema markup functionality of Ghost is excellent, but anything beyond that is a bit cumbersome.

even tried it but it is strange that is not shown in rich snippet checker.