Accessibility: Insufficient storage of alternate text

Issue Summary

To make a site accessible, alternate text needs to be provided for images across the site. There are a few areas where this does not seem to be possible:

  • the author object attribute allows for a profile image, but not a field for the alternate text to that image
  • Publication-wide images (like logos, or cover images) also need fields for alternate text
  • Feature image alt-text should not have a hard limit of 125 characters.

I appreciate that the 125 character limit has been discussed before but the reference material cited there provides a general recommendation to observe a limit of 125 characters, not a hard rule, and it is not written as guidance for design of a CMS. Further, that same article refers longdesc to provide further information; this field, however, is not provided for the feature image.

Setup information

Ghost Version
Using Ghost Pro August 2022.