How i can run a GhostAdmin in a diferent process?

hi people,

GhostAdmin is a Ember.js application, and i what precompile end run.

But is attached in ghostjs core.
In output i observed that ‘http://localhost:4200/’ has listen and when i try to access a get a error becount it try access ghostApi with some host that is responding localhost:4200 and not localhost:2368.

I read the code and not can found any instructions about this. But i imagine that is a tittle config.

Can anyone helpme ?


You will probably never need to run it yourself, as it is called automatically by ghost install.

http://localhost:4200 is the ember-cli process that watches for file changes and rebuilds the admin client for development purposes. You can also access http://localhost:4200/tests to run the client test suite.

I’m not sure I understand your question fully. What is it that you are trying to achieve as an end goal?

i want pointing api of GhostApi to a diff host

Are you trying to say you want to run the Admin API on a different server?

Your messages aren’t very clear

not necessarily in differente server, can be a diff domains or ips in same server.

But if this way comes more clear ok.