Can Ghost be used for multi-creator membership platform

I’m not technical.

I’m trying to create a Patreon-like platform with a media editing tool thrown in. It is for a unique community, underserved subject matter.

Can ghost help me in achieving this.

I’m searching for a back-end product to potentially connect Ghost to. If anyone can recommend?

many thanks

Ghost has some baked-in assumptions that everyone who is a staff member has common goals. You might make each person an author. Authors can publish posts, but not edit posts by others. However, they’d share a common set of tags, which might be fine or might be a problem. I think you’d probably end up wanting some modifications to make each author’s sections a little more distinct. Authors also don’t get to edit pages, if that matters to you, only posts.

Patreon has the idea of paying specific people. Ghost’s Stripe integration wouldn’t do that. You could certainly let authors post individual payment links on their pages, but there’s not a mechanism built into Ghost to split an overall subscription income, or to track who gets what fraction of it.

I’m not quite sure I understand what you mean by this.