For the Hosted Solution - What can I modify?


We are interested in the the hosted solution but wanted to know how much can we customise the code if any at all?

Also what about the database, can we choose our own DB to use?


You can upload your own theme/template so in theory you can customise all of that code as much as you like.

What about being able to modify api code? One use case would be to store extra user fields and pass them to the front end or use them in any backend logic?

I’m hosting Ghost sites at scale. See the announcement I made on the Ghost forum here.

Please clarify what you mean by “What about being able to modify API code?”. What requirement do you have?

You can do every integration you want from the admin panel and generate API key per apps.


I think, you can modify anything on the Level that the Admin panel offers and that’s it. At least, that’s how I understand it so far.

It’s the same at my Hoster with “fully managed hosting” for Ghost were I can modify everything that the Admin panel offers and not more.

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