Ghost Newsletter ‘#6’ — Membership Tiers, Call to Action Card, WebP, Featured Image Caption

Hello everyone,

This is issue number #6 of Ghost Newsletter. I’m sharing the recent Ghost features in this issue, including the Membership Tiers, the call to action card, featured image caption, and the WebP image format support. Also, I will share some Ghost website inspiration and other Ghost resources.

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Membership Tiers

Ghost 4.14.0 introduced the Tiers feature, enabling you to create different subscription tiers, each with a different price and benefits from the Ghost admin.

You can set the name, description, price – monthly or yearly – and a list of the benefits for each tire.

Check out the official release post and the Tiers user guide for use case ideas and more information about using it. Also, check out this forum discussion thread.

Email Call to Action Card

Ghost 4.14.0 comes with a new Email call to action card. With this card, you can do the following:

  • Send different content for your subscribers to be visible only in your emails.
  • Choose who will receive this card content, free or paid members.

You can access and add the call to action card directly from the editor dynamic card menu.

Edit the card content text and add a button with a URL. You can also align the content to the center.

Here is how the card looks like in the final email.

For more ideas on using the new CTA card, visit Promote premium subscriptions to free members.

Also, in Ghost 4.14.0:

  • You can drop an image card onto an empty gallery card.
  • Upload a featured image by drag and drop an image file.
  • Added a new saved indicator for autosaved draft posts.
  • The ability to update snippet contents.

Feature Image Caption

With the release of Ghost 4.9.0, you can add a caption and alternative text to the post feature image. You can switch between editing the caption and the alternative text by clicking the ALT little button under the feature image.

Also, the feature image position is now above the content editor instead of the settings area.

WebP Image Format Support

Starting from Ghost 4.9.0, you can upload images in WebP format. WebP is a modern image format that is smaller in size so that it will load much faster than PNG or JPEG images.

Learn more about WebP at this Google guide.

If you want to convert from PNG or JPEG to WebP, Convertio is a great tool to use.

Send Your Twitter Subscribers to Ghost

Using the new Twitter subscription feature, you can automatically send new subscribers to Ghost. A new integration guide by Ghost will show you step-by-step how to make Twitter and Ghost work together using Zapier.

Free Newsletter Themes

The Ghost team released new free themes, Journal, Digest, and Bulletin. The themes are available for download at the Marketplace and also at GitHub.

Ghost Quick Tip

You can add comments to Ghost theme Handlebars files (.hbs) by wrapping the content you want to hide within {{!-- --}}.

For example:


or in one line as:

{{!-- <h1>Heading</h1> --}}

Commenting code is helpful if you want to edit the theme and don’t want to remove the lines but keep them fur future reference.

Ghost Around the Web

Ghost Websites Inspiration

That’s it for today, and I hope you find it helpful. Feel free to share your findings and any useful resource.

Membership Tiers screenshot attribute goes to the Ghost post.

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One thing I noticed with regards to WebP, it seems that LinkedIn does not support WebP, so in case you share your content there a lot you may want to take that into consideration as you will not get the image you are expecting - maybe there is some sort of workaround/fallback to jpeg for LinkedIn sharing?

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Thanks for sharing, never know about this issue before. It been a long time since the the release of WebP so it weird there is no support from LinkedIn yet.

Q — Is the “Saved” indicator the little message at the top of the post that says “Saving” then “Saved”? I know there is auto-save, but I’ve also been using Cmd-S regularly, and noticed that message.

Yes. The message at the top left side.

Is there no option to export from the Unsplash API as webp? #dreamfeature