Ghost Newsletter '#4' - Upcoming Ghost 4.0 Features, Welcome Pages, Membership Analytics

Hello everyone,

This is issue number #4 of Ghost Newsletter. I’m sharing some exciting news about upcoming Ghost 4.0 new features, create custom welcome pages on members signup, membership analytics, membership cancelation feedback, and some other resources.

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Upcoming Ghost 4.0 Features

Let’s start with some exciting updates and features that are coming to Ghost 4.0.

  • Theme preview mode
  • Native lazy loading to content images
  • Ability to make image cards links
  • Added width & height attributes to image card HTML code
  • YAML file support for redirects

No release date yet.


Creating Custom Welcome Pages on Members Signup

When people signup for the first time, you can redirect them to custom welcome pages when they click the signup confirmation link in their email. Without setting this up, the confirmation link will direct people to the website homepage.

I tried this. It seems it is only working when people sign up using Ghost Portal and have no effect when the signup happens using the theme signup forms.

Learn more at Redirect new members on signup

Email and Members Analytics

You can see how many people received your email newsletter and the open rate from the Ghost admin posts page.

From every member page, you can see the member stats, such as how many emails he received, the open rate, and the member activity.

This feature is enabled by default. You can disable it from Ghost admin by toggling the option off from Settings > Labs > Members > Enable newsletter open-rate analytics.

Learn more at Email and Members Analytics and Email newsletter stats

Get Feedback From Members When They Cancel Their Membership

Whenever a member decides to cancel their membership, he can leave you a feedback comment. A cancelation reason field will appear in the Portal interface, and you can later view the comment from the member page in your Ghost admin.

Learn more at Cancellation feedback

Launching a Referral Program With Ghost

With the new FirstPromoter Ghost Integration, you can now launch a referral program for your membership newsletter.

Learn more at:

Creators Using Ghost Membership Are Making $2.2m+ ARR

John shared an exciting number about creating revenue income using the Ghost membership.

Running Ghost Blog With Nginx Reverse Proxy and Let’s Encrypt

Kenneth shares his experience about hosting his Ghost website using NGINX Reverse Proxy, MySQL, and Let’s Encrypt.

Read more about this at Running ghost blog with nginx reverse proxy and let’s encrypt.

Ubud Theme Is Released

I recently released my new Ubud theme for Ghost. Ubud is a first-class newsletter theme and comes with many exciting features like six homepage styles, changing color schemes. Many people are already using Ubud, and I’m so proud the theme helped them create a lovely and functional Ghost website. I’m impressed by how the people used the theme, customize it with their colors, and how beautiful their websites are.

Learn more at Ubud and check out the showcase for inspiring websites using Ubud.

That’s it for today, and I hope you find it. Feel free to share your findings and any useful resource.

Ghost Portal cancelation reason screenshot attribute goes to Ghost post.

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