Has anybody used ConvertKit (or similar) to drip welcome emails?

I’m wondering if anybody here is or has used ConvertKit to drip a series of welcome emails to new subscribers. I’m looking to set up a series of 4 welcome emails to subscribers. For example:

  • 24 hours after subscribing
  • 72 hours after subscribing
  • 1 week after subscribing
  • 1 month after subscribing

What are people using for this? I see I have to pay $29 a month for ConvertKit to use their API, would there be a better free alternative short term, whilst I am building up my list?

ConvertKit has a 14 day trial…Mailerlite is similar, but much cheaper (probably a bit more complicated to use)…Mailchimp probably has the best free offering

Can you drip emails with Mailchimp?

not entirely clear, they do say you can do single-step automation on Free plan, not sure if that does the job

I’m using mailchimp to send a single welcome email – which is the limit on the free plan. you have to upgrade if you want to do a series.