More customization for portal

Portal button is great! Decoupling from theme is awesome
However, some sites cannot use if they require things like explicit disclaimers, in particular for paying members (yes, that beloved legal boilerplate…)

Hence the feature request – add more customization capability for portal

It should be possible to maintain (via admin UI):

  • bullet items for each plan (text + links)
  • some general description for the signup popup overall (text + links)

Could be as simple as plain HTML snippets (or markdown if better/easier)


+1’ing this post!

Would love more customization over the plan names and description. ie. ‘Full Access’ doesn’t really say much, neither does ‘Free Preview’. Would love to customize these to more accurately reflect what they’re getting by signing up.



One more +1️⃣here - I think it’s critical to communicate to members what are they signing up to.

For example, I post on a daily basis but only send one weekly newsletter. I want my members to know they won’t be overwhelmed with emails every time I post.

A brief plain text would be enough for me.