Option to turn off auto-save

I would prefer my posts not saving all the time… I just want to save it when I want to save it. :laughing: This is particularly critical while there are still bugs with undo (CTRL+Z). This has cost me a lot of time because of making an accidental deletion of a block, then having it save, and being unable to recover that block. (CTRL-Z restores some arbitrarily old version of it).

Would much appreciate this option so I can at least go back to my most recent deliberate save, rather than accidental deletion, auto save, and having no way to recover except through parsing through json backups…

EDIT: It would be nice if there was a way in the meantime for me to manually turn it off. Is there a file I can manually edit to prevent this behavior?

Auto save is turned off on published posts. An solution is therefore to publish post as scheduled in a future date before you start editing.

This guy… genius!
That’ll do sir – you’re the best. :+1: