Please help me remove double opt-in from subscribers


I’ve got a newsletter that I send via Convertkit and I’m already vetting each subscriber that comes in through my Ghost blog. The double opt-in feature, meaning each new subscriber will be sent an email for confirming their subscription, reduces conversion significantly. Which is why I’d love to remove it so it doesn’t go to spam, ppl not checking it, etc. I’m missing out on subscribers here that would love to get the newsletter.

So yes, I know the ‘dangers’ of not having it. It’s a conscious choice. Can anyone help me, please?

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The latest version of Ghost.

Ghost forces you to use double opt-in…the only way around that I have found is to use your Mailgun transactional logs to capture every email address to which you send a confirmation link to…and then add those emails manually to Ghost / ConvertKit…this task is made pretty easy by a tool like or MailFlagger