Preview Locked Even When Logged In

Latest version with Dawn. Website set to “Private”.

When logged in as admin and editing a post, the preview option shows the “Private” page and not the post.

Is there a possible way around this without having to provide the password? Meaning; site is fully accessible when logged in. are you running your site over http instead of https? Unfortunately browsers have started blocking the cookie used for private sites when used over http.

If you are using https then I think this might be something surfaced by the move from “View site” to “Dashboard” as the admin home screen. The “View site” screen will automatically log into a private site so when you get to the post previews you’re likely to already have the cookies saved.

Hi @Kevin,

Yes, using https.
I only have one tab open and I am logged in.
I then go to Posts and edit. When clicking the preview, the private page is shown.

Is there a way around this?
Please don’t get me wrong - it’s no hassle typing in the password even though it’s long, this was more a question about “should it behave this way or is it a bug” kind of thing.