Setting criteria/conditions for reader comments

I’m planning to start a blog in the near future, and I’d like to set up some conditions that have to be met before subscribers can post comments. For example, in order to comment on a particular post, you have to complete a quick poll or survey, on the subject in question - and perhaps, to comment on an embedded video, you have to watch it right through to the end.

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to set up such conditions in Ghost Pro, and how would you do it? If so, would it be fairly straightforward, or would specialised programming be necessary?



Hey @aclifton777 :wave:

If you’re wanting new members to go through a certain step process before becoming a member then I would suggest checking out our integration with Typeform and with Zapier. You can use Typeform to set out the criteria for a new member to meet, and then use Zapier to push the email they submit in Typeform to Ghost itself. Check out our intergration guides for more info on how to add these tools: