Thoughts on setting up old Ghost installation for dev/testing

I’m helping a friend with a very old Ghost installation (v0.4.x) and I want to setup a development environment (in a vm) and install the same version of Ghost and then test the migration process to get him back up to the current version.

The self hosted documentation out there is great, but obviously it does not focus on older installations. Is there any specifics I should know about installing Ghost v0.4.x and the steps to migrate to v0.11.11, then to 1.x.x then to 2.x.x. and then finally to 3.x.x?


Here’s a copy of our legacy install and upgrade documentation:

When you’re up to the latest 0.11.x version, then you can start following the modern documentation:

Once you get from 1.x you can jump straight to 3.x.