Translation of the Helpers with Gatsby


I’m using the gatsby-starter-ghost boilerplate and i would like to translate all the english string. I’m not using the theme but sourcing from ghost in my gatsby website.
How can I do that ?
Thanks a lot


Hey @maralsabbagh

i18n for the Gatsby starter is currently not supported and hasn’t been on the radar so far.
Saying that, the Gatsby starter for Ghost is open source and people are welcome to submit a spec for how to implement it and the changes. We will definitely help out with that.

i18n for Casper has also been a community project :blush:


I think the only helper currently that is coming from Ghost SDK and is not translatable is the reading time helper.

For every other string, you’re able to change it directly in your Gatsby starter clone.

I hope that helps! Let me know if you have question or get stuck :blush:


I’m not using the Casper theme. I’m building my website with Gatsby only. I’m just using Ghost as a data source. How can I do ?


I recommend to look how other starters are using i18n features and then use one of the i18n plugins in your Gatsby code:

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