Using 'better landing pages' on pre-beta editor pages

Hi there,

Just want to check this is expected behaviour. I wanted to apply the ‘better landing page’ to pages that were originally creating in the non-beta editor, and that doesn’t seem to be possible. It works great on new pages, though.

Do I need to remake ‘old’ pages in the new editor in order to use this feature? Or, more likely - am i missing something? :)

Many thanks!

Nope. That’s the expected behavior, as this feature requires the new beta editor.

Cool, thanks.
So - i do need to remake all pages, there’s no way to ‘upgrade’ them?

At the moment, yes. However, once the editor comes out of beta, existing pages transformed to the new editor (no definitive eta on that yet).

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the feature doesn’t work with Headline Theme

You may need to download a new copy of the theme, if you haven’t already. You also need to make sure you’re creating a new page, with the beta editor setting on. (An old page may be the wrong format. And it doesn’t work on posts.)

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