Welcome route 404 and configuration+bug

I have a few questions about the sign-up routes using the default theme (Source) on a self-hosted install.

  1. By default, ghost does the double opt-in where it sends a message to confirm your email. Is this feature configurable, and can you configure the email content it sends?
  2. If you click that link, it sends you to /welcome but this route gives a 404. It successfully confirms your email, but you are left on a 404. Where is this configured? It doesn’t appear to be part of the admin interface or the Source theme? Can it be customized?

Bonus possible bug I noticed: if you click the unsubscribe links in the emails ghost sends, it will bring you to the Portal popup, disable the newsletter (and in the admin interface they’ll show as unsubscribed), BUT if you open your account and click Manage, you’ll see that it visually shows the subscription as subscribed still (incorrectly).

  1. No. Not configurable, sorry.

  2. Where the user is directed to is configurable. Look under settings (gear icon) > tiers and then click the specific tier to reconfigure.

Bonus? Portal retrieves subscription status when the page loads (not when the pop up opens), I think. Are you perhaps looking at stale data?

Thanks! Found the welcome route! And yes, it seems like if you refresh the page before opening the account modal, the proper status will be reflected, so it only shows incorrectly if you immediately open that modal after unsubscribing.

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