Why is startup always slow

I run a cloud run instance of Ghost, and managed to get the sql database running smoothly.

The only problem that remains is the long bootup time, when the “we’ll be right back” message is displayed. I feel like this sequence is artificially long assuming the database is connected already.

Is there any way to “skip” this startup sequence or should I find another cloud provider?

What times are we talking about for the boot time you are seeing? Why is the instance restarted so often this becomes problematic?

Boot sequence optimization is something the team is constantly working on and had good gains recently. It should not be too noticeable/problematic for the end user as long as your CDN is configured.

Usually in the range of 30-60 seconds, it reboots on first request, and then stays up for a bit before shutting down (see westmichigancopts.org). It’s almost there in terms of being feasible enough to run in that environment, but it could be that there is not enough cpu power or ram.

Edit: I will look into setting up cloudflare and see if that helps.

Update: I configured cloudflare, and after integrating the new google drive plugin, I’ve observed my site serving content despite the “origin” server being down or retuning 503’s when starting.