Community question of the week #8: Creative uses of Ghost

One of Ghost’s strengths is that you can build a robust publication right out of the box — or creatively build something completely different.

This week’s question aims to get at the latter:

What’s the most creative use of Ghost you’ve seen or done?

Whether it’s a novel integration, a unique feature, or an unconventional use case, we want to hear about it!

Our community is a treasure trove of knowledge, experience, and creativity, especially when it comes to using Ghost. Questions of the week are an opportunity to share and learn from these resources.

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To get the ball rolling, I’ll share two personal projects that feature some creative uses of Ghost:

  1. My own site,, which has a music player because why not :person_shrugging:

  2. And Local Philosophy, which plots each post on a custom map.

The most creative use of Ghost I’ve ever seen was a site that specialised in Chicken Diapers. Yes, you read that correctly.

Sadly they aren’t around anymore, but the content marketing was really quite something


I’m in the process of building a new website with Ghost. It’s a niche business directory. By using Ghost’s membership features, I’m hiding directory listing submission/claim/edit forms behind a paywall.

Directory systems are common in the WordPress world. You can see it with plugins like GeoDirectory, Directorist, HivePress, ConnectionsPro, DirectoriesPro, etc. I just prefer Ghost though :slight_smile: .There isn’t anything like these plugins for Ghost, so I’m adapting Ghost to make it work.

The Rinne theme has been a big help for this project. It separates blog posts and directory listings into two different sections by default. It’s specifically made for creating directory/resource websites. It’s a great theme.

This sounds interesting. Keep the community updated as you progress!

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Not 100% sure if it hits your brief, but one of the interesting use cases I’ve seen for Ghost is as a member hub for community associations / housing associations / tenants associations in residential blocks, schemes or managed communities.

I’ve met quite a few folks who use Ghost for this. They can offer some public-facing content about their block, including advertising public events on-site or new units that are available to rent, while using the membership features of Ghost to share private updates within the tenant community.

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