Community question of the week #10: You're Head of Product, now what?

ICYMI, we recently posted on Twitter:

We got a lot of great replies, so we decided to ask the same question here:

Tomorrow is your first day as Head of Product at Ghost. Your first feature request is ------.

Share your ideas below :point_down:

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out the Ideas channel, where you can make feature requests and vote. We regularly reference this channel when deciding what to build next.

Our community is a treasure trove of knowledge, experience, and creativity, especially when it comes to using Ghost. Questions of the week are an opportunity to share and learn from these resources.

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P̸̵̯̼̗̲̤̫̯̯̮̋̄̀́̏͂͗̊ͦͧ̈́̚͢͝͡E̶̶̡̛̪͚̮̒̑̓̐͗͌̚͟͜͡ͅP̴̧͎͓͎͍̪͉͚̱̜͌͌́̓ͬ̿ͮ̂͐͐̑ͥͮ͆̚̚͟E̵̴̡̡̛̱̭̠̠̥͉̩̟͖̣̯̪͓ͥ͂ͧ̑̎͆ͣ͛ͫ̓̉̒̓ͭͮ̎ͯ̃ͤ̽ͤ͐̾͡͠ S̸̡̺͔͓̮͖͈͉͉ͦ̊ͤ̀̌ͥ͑̌̽͠͡͞_͔̗̳̉͊͠͠I̡̘͉̗̭̻ͫͧ̊̌̈̓̚͞Ḽ̆ͣͣ͢_̴̏̓͋̈ͫV̢̧̞̪͍͉̩̼͍͇͈ͩͩͦ̆͑̈̚Ì̸͚͖̞̭͙͓̣̼̰̆ͦ̍̂̀̈̚͞Ŏ̴̵̵̢̪̪̱̹̪̫͒̋̀̅ͣͬ̄͝ͅ

  • A handful of custom fields that can be attached to post objects, defined by the theme.

  • A teeny bit more ability to do code-like things with handlebars, like check if a string is in a list of strings, set and increment a variable that persists outside the hashtag#get request, loop over some strings (hashtag#foreach loops over LETTERS not words)

  • More customizability of the newsletter.

  • Welcome drip.

  • Digest emails.

  • A way to wipe a Ghost install all the way back to zero (clears newsletters, tiers, metadata, etc, not just content).

  • An exporter for images - setting up a dev environment for a site on Ghost Pro is a real nuisance. (Yeah, one of these days I’m just going to write a script…)

Oops, you said ‘feature request’, not ‘feature requestS’, huh?

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Thanks for the responses :heart:

  • A handful of custom fields that can be attached to post objects, defined by the theme.

What do you think are the most relevant use cases? And, how many custom fields would be required?

@RyanF, I’ve had a number of times when a custom field would have been useful. Here are a few examples that have come up in various projects:

  • location
  • date (for blog posts about future events)
  • URL (for example to store a podcast URL)
  • uuid or similar (to be used to associate a post to some content that lives elsewhere)
  • a string longer than custom_excerpt, for example for building custom RSS feeds ( I wand description AND summary)

It doesn’t have to get crazy or complicated - a handful of fields (on each post) to type a string in would be awfully nice! And if the theme could LABEL those fields, that’d be epic.

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+1 for custom Fields.

We had 9x language variants, they were the same post with different URL’s.

Each post existed in nine translated languages.

In order to switch language post-post I needed an ID for the post across language variants.


Solution was to use the code injection footer for each post <span data-postid="xyz123"></span> and read it in JS

A custom field would have been more elegant and readable with Ghost/Handlebars.


Alright, I’ll bite (again).

  • digest emails
  • podcast hosting (beyond the current methodology, more like something along the lines of Transistor or Supercast)
  • collaborative writing/editing, and/or some kind of notes system (as in advanced TK Reminders / internal comments)
  • integration with Discrouse (such as integrating Discourse on Ghost into Ghost)
  • dark mode capability for Portal
  • simple way for emails of posts to exclude post content and instead include a custom message
  • ability to place unpublished posts into an unpublished section (or something along those lines) rather than into drafts
  • option to randomise embedded Recommendations (so it doesn’t look like a list of favourites – most favourite at top, least favourite at bottom)
  • ability for Ghost(Pro) users to turn set imageOptimization to false (as its accessibility in the config.production.json file is currently only available to self-hosters)
  • (MAJOR) Ability to have authors (w/ author cards) without putting the person(s) on staff. (I have a LOT of outside writers and sources; doing fake email addresses for all of them is too much of a pain.)

  • Custom fields, for sure. I would like to have ZIP as a field on sign-up, for example.

  • An internal bookmark card that is different from the external bookmark card. (Probably unique to my situation, so would go way down the backlog.)

  • Perhaps an easier way to do tables. (Again, probably unique to our publication.)