Community question of the week #1: Share your tips & tricks

Our community is a treasure trove of knowledge, experience, and creativity, especially when it comes to using Ghost. Each of you brings a unique perspective that can inspire and assist others in countless ways :hugs:

To tap into this incredible resource, we are excited to introduce a new feature on the Forum: Community Question of the Week.

Each week, we’ll pose a question related to your experiences with Ghost. These questions are meant to ignite thoughtful discussions, offer insights, and highlight the diverse and innovative ways you all use Ghost. Whether it’s about overcoming challenges, creative uses of the platform, or sharing success stories, your contributions will be invaluable.

Without further ado, here’s the first question:

Share a tip or trick you’ve learned while using Ghost that others might not know.

No tip or trick is too big or small. What do you think your fellow users might be missing out on? Let’s go!


The most popular Ghost tip on my blog is:

How to add recipe schema markup:


This is a great shout! Thanks

I’ll add mine to the mix (even though many of you already know it):

Use ##, ###, ####, etc. to quickly create subheadings.

For example, in the editor, type:

## My heading to create an h2 heading. (It works on Discourse, too!)

My heading


Adding mine here, since I am still mesmerised how smoothly this works:

It’s quite easy to set up BunnyCDN with Ghost – and cut loading time from far-away regions of the world literally into fractions (and all of that for pennies, compared to Cloudflare).

The tl;dr is here: Ghost with custom CDN is possible? - #18 by jannis

Detailed writeup is here:


You can add /edit on the end of any post or page URL to get to the editor


Offload images easily on ghost editor

You can embed external images into your ghost easily with

/image {URL}

Save your SSD and backup size.


GCTools is a command line tool to do the most common bulk edits that we you might need to do when migrating sites to Ghost, or doing a big overhaul as part of a relaunch.

GCTools has lots of great features, but when migrating sites onto Ghost I would most often use it do these things:

  • Bulk tag management (older sites, especially from WordPress, tend to collect 100s of unwanted tags)
  • Bulk post visibility changes (change of platform or relaunch often comes with a rethink about where the paywalls should go)
  • Bulk author changes

Yes you could roll your own API scripts for your specific projects but for the most common jobs this works off the shelf, just plug your API key in and go.


A few media card shortcuts:

  1. Drop (or copy and paste) any image/video/audio files onto the editor to automatically create cards
  2. Drag an image card onto another image card to convert to a gallery
  3. Drag images in and out of galleries (can be used to set alt text for gallery images by dragging out, setting text, dragging back in)
  4. Drop an image file onto an existing image card to quickly replace it


Mine is using cmd + k in admin to navigate to any post :magic_wand: :sparkles:


You can drag-drop images between browser windows; edit a Ghost post in one window, drag any image from another site and drop it on the Ghost post. Works in Firefox and Chrome, possibly other browsers as well. If the site use hotlink protection it won’t work, the image is not imported, just linked.


This to create a “closed” newsletter is quite a nice tip. I don’t know how many users need this, but I actually needed it to make a VIP newsletter with selected clients.

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thanks for the advice